Dr. Rachelle Merchant, M.D.

My name is Dr. Rachelle Merchant and I am excited to bring regenerative therapies to the Castle Rock area! I am so passionate about being able to wake up every day knowing that I will be changing the lives of those in my community. I am without a doubt a people person first and foremost. I want to get to know those I treat as an individual so that you and I both can be part of the amazing process to change your and your family’s lives for the better and celebrate your health achievements together.

I moved to Castle Rock, Colorado to enjoy everything this outdoor playground has to offer. When I’m not with my helping heal my community I am out on life adventures with my husband and 4 beautiful kiddos (I know, we have our hands full!). We are always exploring new places and enjoy experiencing anything in the crisp fresh air.

For the more formal information, I received my Bachelor of Science from California State University, Long Beach and my doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West.

Dr. Beth Phillips, M.D

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