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Skin Resurfacing in Castle Rock, CO

Improve the Condition of Your Facial or Neck Skin

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your facial skin, then you can visit our medical spa for professional treatment from our experts. The first thing that other people notice is your face, and if you have age spots, acne, or wrinkles, then you can feel embarrassed by your appearance. You may not want to spend thousands of dollars on an invasive plastic surgery that requires a long recovery time. Fortunately, you can visit us for a simple procedure that requires only 30 minutes and no recovery time.

Increase Collagen Production

We offer innovative skin resurfacing in Castle Rock. Our experts can analyze your skin and its problems to plan a fast procedure that involves using radio-frequency equipment. One of our team members will manipulate the radio-frequency devices to heat the underlying tissues of your face or neck to increase the amount of natural collagen. This substance is what creates a youthful skin appearance, but it declines as part of the aging process. In addition to eliminating fine lines, collagen production encourages healing of the tissues to eliminate skin discolorations, scars, or acne.

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When you have sagging skin tissue on your neck or face, treatment with radio-frequency devices can also help to tighten your skin. An expert can also manipulate the radio-frequency equipment’s wand over certain areas to destroy the fat cells underneath the skin to reduce a pudgy appearance. Treatment with radio-frequency methods offers multiple benefits without the need for incisions or stitches. For additional information about skin resurfacing, you can contact us today with a telephone call, or you can
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